Parka Penguin And The Prince's Pants

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48 Pages / 21x14.8cm / ISBN 978-0-9573309-2-4

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Pickington's pants are in peril!

Derek the Disgustingly Dirty Dragon is determined to dine on posh pants...

Only Parka Penguin can save the pretty parish of Pickington from this pant-stealing pest!

"Stepping from his simple settlement in the centre of Snooty Square, Parka saw several sights that startled him and sent him slipping silently to safety. Derek was pounding through parks and passageways, pinching people's pants from their pink posteriors as he progressed towards the palace, where the pong of pants was particularly pungent."

Parka Penguin and the Prince's Pants is a book aimed at 8-12 year-olds, although younger children will probably prefer parents to read it to them. The book is written using alliteration throughout (using words that start with the same letter), and some passages can get tricky (but fun)!