Getting Published

What do we do?

We only finance the publication of our own books produced in-house. For all other books, we're happy to provide a full range of services at a reasonable cost:

Why use us?

There are lots of vanity publishing companies who will happily take your money and provide you with a number of books which you will find hard to sell. Most self-published books are low quality and their cost means that they end up pricing themselves out of the market. Doing it yourself is not as hard as you might think, particularly with the advent of extremely cost-effective short-run digital printing.

We can advise on printing methods and how best to present your book.

Once your books have been printed, we can help you to get your book listed on Amazon, Waterstones online and WHSmith (amongst others). We will assist and advise you on getting into local and national bookshops, and help you work out your publicity strategy.

Things to consider

Before thinking about publishing your book, please be aware:

Talk to us

If you've read this far then you probably have a realistic idea of what publishing your own book involves. We can help you through the process and take some of the stress out of it.

Click here to get in touch with us and we can discuss your needs and give you an idea of pricing.